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The Latin genre on the "browse all" section is not displaying all available playlists (IOS)

The Latin genre on the "browse all" section is not displaying all available playlists (IOS)






iPhone X

My Question or Issue


67160672_414141362524647_2175934920117977088_n.pngThe Latin genre on the "browse all" section is not displaying all available playlists just the top playlists on my IOS device. The playlists, however, are available on my PC application. 


Anyone else having this issue? 


8 Replies

I’m having the same issue! I found a way around this by searching “Spotify Latin Playlists” on Google through my phone and the first search result link redirected me to the app and the playlists showed up. I hope they fix this soon though.

I am having the same problem as well on both my iphone and on my laptop. It is frustrating that I need to do multiple searches to find the content that was readily available under the genre. I noticed it was only for the Latin Genre and others are not affected

I have the same issue (on iPhone SE), but for several genres (including Latin), and now also on desktop 😞 

The playlists were available on their webplayer and it's not anymore... Very weird. 

I am having the same issue, and it is quite annoying to only have max 10 playlist which are not really "top playlist". Please add back the different categories under latin genre. or if someone has a solution for this thanks. 

I am having the same problem. When I contacted Spotify to request them to fix this issue, their reply was: “we do not have other playlists in the Latin genre”. This cannot be the case, as 2-3 weeks ago I had many playlists even by Latin music type. It is frustrating that Spotify is not doing anything about it. 

I am having the same problem. I sent Spotify a message last week including a screen recording of what was happening. They reported to send it to their "best techs"... 

This is incorrect info by Spotify for sure, as the old ones can still be accessed on desktop when doing a google search "Spotify Latin Playlists"  which leads to this page:
 (=everthing lik a few weeks ago for me)
Clicking on the genre in the app brings me to this link, which only has the fake top playlists: Since it says "test" in the URL it should be obvioius to their "best techs" that something is not right...

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