The New Update Has Ruined Years of Digging...


The New Update Has Ruined Years of Digging...

Casual Listener

Premium Iphone user here. Been in love with Spotify for years until now.


When I first discovered Spotify, I was addicted to it immediately. I would look up an artist, raid their discography, and press “like” on all the songs that caught my ear. When I wanted to hear that artist again, I would go to my Library and have an instantly curated list of songs ready—adjusted to my preferences and covering the span of the artist’s entire career.


Now all of those lists are inaccessible. In order to recreate them, I would need to make hundreds of playlists for each artist. This would take weeks of time and would clutter up my playlist folder excessively. I’d sooner delete the app and join a new music streaming platform.


Please listen to your community and return to your old, and far more intuitive UI. I don’t understand why every entertainment platform these days forces periodic updates onto their already well thought-out, successful apps, often times ruining the experience for their users, simply for the sake of trying something new. Thank you for your hard work, but please: CHILL.