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The Spitify Connect icon is gone!


The Spitify Connect icon is gone!

I use my iPhone 6 controlling Spotify on my LG Music Flow speakers. It worked fine for a ling time. Suddenly the icon in the lower right corner has disappeared! It just shows the repeat icon.
Where is it? (And yes, I have the latest versions and reinstalled Spotify)

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Just restart the spotify client, have the amplifier on and wifi on. Connect icon will show up next to the airplay icon.

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On latest now playing screen it does not show all the time now. It only shows when a connect capable device is available. When available it shows device at very bottom of the screen as does AirPlay when AirPlay devices are available. I use it with ps4 so it shows when my ps4 is on. I'm not familiar with your LG device specifically but just thought I'd share the connect info doesn't show at all times as before. I'm sure you've tried somehow but restart your connect device or activate connect again somehow and look at bottom of now playing screen on iOS device. Hope this helps some.

Thank you.

However, I am sure my loudspeaker is available, and I have contact between my iPhone and the Music Flow app. This means that the app finds the speakers.

But the Connect Icon is no longer visible in Spotify. Where is it?



Yes, where is it??!


I have a yamaha rx receiver and the range of my wifi and spotify connect is way better than crappy airplay. 


EDIT: OK so I should've done this before I posted. Just restart the spotify app when connected to your wifi. (I had my receiver on, set to Connect input also).

After latest spotify update cant see my sony str-dn1050 from spotify connect list. Airplay can see the device and stream music. Testing network and all ok there. Seems to be an issue with this spotify release.

I have the same problem with my Denon amp. It shows the airplay icon, but Connect is gone. 😞


Marked as solution

Just restart the spotify client, have the amplifier on and wifi on. Connect icon will show up next to the airplay icon.

Just restarting the app was not enough for me, I had to logout and in before it worked. But yes, it does work after that. 🙂

Reinstalled spotify but still cant see sony str-dn 1050 in connect list.

Same here, Elwood.

I have tried to reinstall Spotify, to logout/in, checked my wifi. Still no icon and I can not play Spotify on my speakers. 👿 Have version

I contacted spotify support, which sayed that sony str dn-1050 is not officially supported and therefore thats all they can say until other information is given.
Then i contacted sony support, which answered also. They asked me to check i have spotify premium (i do) and reset the receiver: shut down receiver with main power button, wait few seconds, press the main power button (on front panel) agaen continuously until receiver screen says clearing.. Cleared.

You have to config receiver from scratch (some work depending of setup). But yes indeed spotify from my ipad can see the receiver right away and use spotify connect feature (not airplay). Same thing from my laptop spotify connect works to receiver.
If you experience similar issue with similar device.. Maybe try the same.
-May the blues be with you.

i am facing this issue too on my ipdone6

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