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The monthly time limit thing

The monthly time limit thing






iPad 7th Gen

Operating System

iOS 13


My Question or Issue

  • I recently started using Spotify on my iPad(about a week maybe) and today I got a “monthly time limit reached” message and can’t play/view my playlists. I tried looking it up but only got confused. Is there a limit and if so how does it work?(first time using Spotify too)
  • I also made my account with Apple and getting my email vertified was a headache(changing it and such). Maybe it was just me doing it wrong but can you make it easier to understand?

I’m also not sure I’m using this Help thing right so sorry if I’ve done something wrong.




5 Replies

Hey there @Shugsie,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

Do you mind sending us a screenshot showing the message you receive? Just attach the image to your next response to us. This way we can take a closer look at the issue. 


Once we get it we'll be able to help you further. 


We'll look out for your reply. 

Here are the pics. My music playlist on iPad has 0mins and no songs while on my phone (iPhone 8+) shows that I have songs in the playlist. And the message.



Hey @Shugsie


Thanks for getting back to us.

Is it possible that you're logged in to two different accounts on the two devices? Sometimes Spotify users create more than one account for different reasons. In such a case you might have two or more accounts. That's why you might see differences in the playlist on a separate device.


We suggest you head to this help page. Make sure you check all the troubleshooting steps and especially the ones for finding other accounts.  


The notification you receive means you might need to perform a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your device. Check out this help page in order to find the steps for clean reinstall on the affected device. 


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 

Hi again.

i tried the reinstall on both devices and re logged as well. It hasn’t changed and I still can’t listen to music on iPad. 

Hey there @Shugsie,


Thanks for double-checking this and keeping us in the loop!


You mentioned in your original reply that you're in Japan.


Since you're on Free, if you're seeing this error message on your iPad or other desktop device, it means you've listened to 15 hours for 30 days.


However, this error message shouldn't show up on the mobile app on your iPhone, which would explain why it looks like that instead.


Keep in mind that this limit should restart once the 30 days have passed, or by upgrading to Premium. You can find more info on this here.


As for signing up for an account through Apple, we'd recommend checking this Spotify Answer for more tips.


If you're still having troubles, it'd be helpful if you could include some additional details on what's happening so we can take a closer look. 


Hope this info is useful but don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else!


Have a lovely day 🙂

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