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This app is becoming a joke to use.

This app is becoming a joke to use.

Im paying £10 per month to use an app that only works when it wants to.

This app constantly hangs.

The amount of time it spends logging in is totally unacceptable. I start the app a few mins before leaving the house and gertting into the car and most times its still not ready to play by the timne of pulling off my driveway.

More and more im finding myself throwing the phone into the backof the car and tuning local radio back in because this apps constant lagging freezing crashing claiming i have no internet and not syncing tracks..


I will be cancelling my subscription and demanding my money back soon if this extensive list of badly put together code is not fixed in a update.


Just reading these forums i see post after post by people frustrated by the sheer lack of usage in this app.


What is spotify doing about it? are they getting a more competant team to design a working app?


No other aps give me such a headache and frustration then this app. its is not worth 10p per month let alone £10

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Yuo're not alone. Same things with Windows Phone app.

cybermods - Have you installed the update released the other day yet? Check your App Store.
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