This is the reason why people switch to Apple Music

This is the reason why people switch to Apple Music

I've been using Spotify since 2013 (eversince it was available in my country) and I'm really enjoying it. But after I bought my first iphone ever, i now see why so many folks are leaving spotify for apple music.

Its not cause Apple Music has a better song library. Its just like it seems that Spotify is just too lazy when it comes to support for some things compared to apple music.


I'll give you a few examples:

  1. I'm driving a BMW F30 with does work with spotify but i can control the music only with the idrive knob. However ever since I've been testing Apple Music i can finally change AND select songs with my steeringwheel buttons, which is not possible on spotify. Further more i can go INSIDE the playlist and select a song i want to play. another thing thats not possible with spotify. Oh and the album cover is showing in the display as well with apple music. And im not even talking about the poor support with android phones

  2. Apple Shortcut/Siri integration: Works well with apple music. Spotify? not so much. The only thing you can do with shortcuts/siri is to open the damn app. Wanna set an automation when you come home to start a playing spotify or a certain playlist? Bad luck. Wanna tell siri to play something from spotify? Bad luck. 

  3. Apple Watch: Apple music lets you save your songs for offline use on your watch so that when you're going out for a run, you dont need to bring a phone. Spotify? Nah, not possible. You can stream songs to the watch if you have the more expensive model but that was implemented like what....half a year ago?

Spotify frustrates me more and more with such little things.

Instead of campaigning how unfair the 30% apple cut is, they should focus on supporting their Application to gain more paying customers!


Since there isnt really a feedback sections i had to post it here


EDIT: You can actually ask siri to play something on spotify and she'll do that. No idea why it wouldn't let me in the first place (maybe new ios update 14.3)

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I literally just said "Hey Siri play Pink Floyd on Spotify" toward my iPhone and it opened right up with Great Gig in the Sky. I do the same with an Alexa puck every morning. Alexa, play "some song" on Spotify.

I have not tried automation with it - I just don't have a use case to have music start playing based on a specific event.

I use wireless carplay with an aftermarket head, and have been using my steering wheel controls with no problems to advance songs, and I can even press a button to activate Siri and tell her to play something (like above, but now through the mic I have hidden up on the visor). I don't believe, however, that I can scroll playlists or within playlists - i have a touch screen so I tend to just use that.

Hey @Arnamo and @StopNaggingMe,


Thanks for posting here in the Community and welcome.


We appreciate your thoughts and feedback about this, as it helps us improve the app and the overall experience. Rest assured, we'll make sure to pass it on to the right folks.


If you have any questions or need a hand with anything else, give us a shout.



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Yah you're right, no idea why it wouldn't let me in the first place. Mabe the new ios 14.3 update. Dunno...but the rest stands as is sadly

Can you tell me which aftermarket headunit do you have?

Good news!


Spotify now supports downloads and cellular streaming on Apple Watch. This will be rolling out over the next several weeks.


Check out this Spotify news article for more info:

Enjoy More Ways Than Ever to Use Spotify on Your Apple Watch—Now With Downloads 

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