Thumbs up/down button say 'something went wrong'


Thumbs up/down button say 'something went wrong'

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hi universe


the 'thumbs up/down' in my spotify radio on iPhone and iPad do not work.  when i click, it first ssays 'improving' - fine - but then hit with 'something went wrong'. no change in song composiiton.


does  anybody have the same problem?

anybody can help?


thanks & happy day

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Re: Thumbs up/down button say 'something went wrong'

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Hi there,
Welcome at the Spotify Community!

Currently Spotify is investigating this issue. We'd like to get some details about the issue.

Could you please tell us:
- Your iOS and Spotify version.
- The approximate time (and timezone you're in) from when the problem occured.
- How you started your radio session (based on song [X], based on artist [X] of by using genre [X]?
- Have you only clicked the thumbs up/down buttons, or did you skip through lots of songs too?

Thank you!