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Top 1% of listener notification led to nothing?


Top 1% of listener notification led to nothing?

Riding on the bus I received a push notification saying something along the lines of, “You’re one of the top 1% of Led Zeppelin’s fans” and when I tapped it the Spotify app opened up to a network error page. My phone was connected to the internet just fine, I checked immediately after with Safari and I was already streaming a podcast.


Regardless, I double-tapped the home button and cleared spotify before opening the app again. Can’t find anything now about where that notification was trying to take me to, and I just checked my email but couldn’t find anything either. What’s going on here?




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iOS 13.3.1


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Hey everyone,


Thank you all for reporting this.


We've passed the info you shared with us on to the right folks to look into.


Apologies for any inconveniences the notification might've caused and, once more, thank you so much for your prompt cooperation.


Don't hesitate to let us know if this happens again!

Mario Moderator
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Hey @jacobob,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community!


Would you mind taking another look at all the folders (including Spam) featured in the email address associated with your Spotify account?


Let us know how you get on. We'll be here if there's anything else we can help with!

Mario Moderator
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Hi Mario!


I did check my spam and did not receive anything. However, I checked my notification settings in the app and noticed I had turned off email notifications for “Spotify News and Offers”.


Would turning that off have excluded me from receiving an email?

I also had this notification and I don't know what it means. When I clicked on the notification it just sent me to a radio station. If some could just kindly tell me what the notification meant that would be great!

This Also happened to me a few minutes ago and i didnt receive an email about and when i tried to click the notification it disappeared.

This happened to me as well. Clicked on it, went nowhere. Wish I would have Screenshot the notification but I thought it would lead to something 😭 

I had the same thought! I tapped it too fast to really register it might be something to screenshot, and good luck getting that back!

I had this same issue as well, and did not receive an email. I was lead to a radio station for my artist, but I wasn't able to find the notification again after I clicked it.

Lol same happened here. Got the “you’re in the top 1% of listeners for [x] artist.” Got excited when I saw it but accidentally closed it so not sure what that was about. Was a nice little surprise, nonetheless.

Same here! It led to a radio station, but when trying to read the full notification the message was cut off and didn't show all the way, so I don’t know what it said. I havent received an email yet and all my notifications settings in Spotify are on for both emails and push notification.

Me too, about 10 mins ago 😞 I’m sad, I wanted to read more about it.

This also happened to me this morning for being top 1% of Ghostemane listeners, I assumed it would link me to a page of some sort. All it ended being was shortcut to the Ghostemane radio. I also didn't get an email in regards to this.

Happened with me too, with Travis Scott. Just appeared this morning. I took a screenshot, no idea what it means tho lol

Like this right?


Yes! The bold line looks almost exactly like the banner notification I received at 9:45-ish this morning, just Led Zeppelin instead of “khai dreams’s...” and without the group chat. 😜

Anyone know how to make the message pop up again? I'd like to screenshot and brag!


Hey , Same thing happened to me , luckily I took a screenshot of it . When I opened it sent to a Mac Miller radio station . Kinda anti-climatic , wish they kinda expanded on that , like Spotify wrapped shorta thing. 7ED1C4ED-7551-4B55-B8E0-2E25C7196A2C.jpeg






united states


google pixel 3a

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android 10

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not sure what this notification was for, or if it was part of the fans first program, but i checked my e-mail and spam folder, and i didn't get anything, just the notification on android. i checked my e-mail notification settings and everything is on. when i tapped it, it took me to the artist (jack stauber's micropop) radio. what was this about, if it wasn't the fans first thing??


Hello! I also had the same experience this morning. I luckily have a habit of taking screenshots of things like this and saved my notification as attached. However, I found no spam email or alike. When i eventually clicked on the link it brought me to the radio station. Not sure it’s reason but it is cool!



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