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Top 1% of listener notification led to nothing?


Top 1% of listener notification led to nothing?

Riding on the bus I received a push notification saying something along the lines of, “You’re one of the top 1% of Led Zeppelin’s fans” and when I tapped it the Spotify app opened up to a network error page. My phone was connected to the internet just fine, I checked immediately after with Safari and I was already streaming a podcast.


Regardless, I double-tapped the home button and cleared spotify before opening the app again. Can’t find anything now about where that notification was trying to take me to, and I just checked my email but couldn’t find anything either. What’s going on here?




Family Premium


United States


iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 13.3.1


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67 Replies

I had the same thing happen. I was in a furry and closed it before I realized what it was. I’d love to have a screenshot!

I accidentally dismissed the pop up of being suicide boys top 1%. 

is there anyway to get the pop up again? I didn’t have email notifications on during the time of the pop up. 

Is there any way spotify can put the banner back on for when I open spotify.  the banner dissapeared before I could screenshot 😞

The same thing happened to me. I must of missed the notification and was directed to artists radio I dismiss it. I don’t even know which artist it is. There should a lot easy way for Spotify to contact you with this information. I am disappointed 😔 

i got a top 1-3% fan notification for one direction, but i accidentally made it disappear and it did not come to email (hence why i’m not sure what percentage it it). i would like to see it again but how do i do that?







iPhone 11

Operating System



My Question or Issue


Hey can I see the screenshot, I didn’t take one and I didn’t get a good look at it

Did you ever hear back on this? I'm in the same boat

The same thing happened to me, and I didnt receive an email. I got a pop up notification of me being top 1% of Joji's song Die For You listeners and I clicked it to share and save the picture but it's gone. I checked my email, spams everything there was nothing. 


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