Touch Preview on iOS removal


Touch Preview on iOS removal


Hey folks, Spotify here!


Just a quick post to let you know we’re in the process of removing Touch Preview, the feature on the iOS app that gives you a sneak peek of a playlist, song, album, or artist before you hit play.


We’ve taken this decision as it currently has a very low engagement rate. We’re committed to offering the best experience on each platform, and we’re actively looking into new possibilities for the long press feature.


The change will take effect with app version 8.4.15, which goes live in the App Store today.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on what long press feature you’d like to see added. Thanks in advance for sharing your feedback!


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If you would like to see Touch Preview come back, you can add your vote to this idea:

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If you would like to see Touch Preview come back, you can add your vote to this idea:

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This isn't the kind of WOW factor you inspire for... Until this feature is back which is the ONLY reason why I (and obviously many) stuck around you'll notice my account was canceled, that's $119.88 less in revenue per year you will recieve from me.

Why would anyone want to click more to preview songs? I'll gladly consider coming back if you not only bring it back but IMPROVE and ADD ON features like 'Force-Touch' to go directly to the song you like AFTER touch preview, we were waiting for that IMPROVEMENT but yet you just made the whole experience no better then what's available on the market? It was a genius feature folks... what's really going on? 

Apple or someone else will eventually beat you at this game unless you plan on getting into the hardware business and beat the competition at it's own game, highly doubtful! For now it's Google + YouTube Red with Chromecast for the same monthly fee & about the same or better experience you can possibly provide. You just shot yourself in the foot and I'm not happy you did btw... At one point I used your app more then any other on my Iphone 7.

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An offical statement by spotify would be more than appropriate  


Spotify is making some ill-informed decisions that is heading their app int he wrong direction--backwards. You're making it worse instead of better.  I'll be exploring other apps to use and get off Spotify. Maybe Apple Music. Let us know when you re-enable the touch preview feature. Until then, see-ya.


Oh no 😱 Touch preview was one of my most valued features, once I discovered it by chance. I then showed it to several (sometimes long time) Spotify users and they immediately liked it as well.


Maybe the low engagement rate was due to a lack of awareness from users?


It was so helpful to screen playlists for good songs. Now it takes me many more steps to select a song and scroll to a representative part in the song. This is a very sad step back regarding usability for me.


I sincerely hope you consider to bring this feature back.


Many greetings, Achim


It was a great feature, what a shame you've decided to remove it : (


A good option for long touch would be to bring back preview


What a stupid decision, completely ruins spotify as a tool to explore and find new music.  Had just signed up to Friends and Family package but will now have to move to Apple as without preview the enjoyment of spotify has gone.


The removal of this feature has absolutely ruined Spotify for me. I follow discovery playlists, new music Friday, etc for the SOLE purpose of briefly scanning through via touch preview to find a song that I like. I do not wish to click on and skip to the upbeat part of a song to determine if I like it or not. That is Spotify's job. I don't know where your data is coming from that touch preview is not a utilized tool, but I do know that you are about to lose this premium member. I don't understand how taking this tool away because majority of people "don't frequently utilize" is benefiting your customers OR your company. Where is the fault in keeping a service that people have loyally paid for/utilized for years? Please reinstall this feature in the next update or I will have to take my business elsewhere.




this was not a good idea please bring it back. the touch preview is really helpful and i use it all the time. it's really annoying to have to listen to an entire song when ur looking for new music. 


There was new version (8.4.17)in iOS App Store.  I installed it.
But there was No Touch preview Feature. Disappointed. 
And No new feature announcement in App Store as usual.

Spotify ,
Are you listening to our grievances?


Please bring it back! This was, in my opinion, what set you apart from other music apps. 


This is very disapointing, I use this feture all the time.  I think most people didn't know about the preview function, I personally told at least 5 people.  This would explain the low engagement rate.  If you were to tell people about this feture then I think a lot of people would use it. 


I absoltely loved that feature. It's perfect for music deiscovery. Since you make so much content available, the service is all about discovery as smoothly and easily as possible. Touch Preview is a big part of that and it was awesome.

I don't see the logic in removing it, especially if there's nothing to take the place of a long push/hold down. If there was a new function to expose there, I could see the point.

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This decision is absolutely ridiculous. I literally just touted this as an amazing feature to my friend who was considering switching from Apple Music. Why would you remove something when you aren't even replacing that gesture with something else? Totally bogus and disappointing.


Worst decision ever made spotify, I have considerably stopped trying to look for new music after this tool was disabled. .l. 


I'm in the process of deciding between Spotify and Amazon for my music. Touch preview was one of 2 features pulling me toward Spotify instead of Amazon. Taking this away now tilts the decision toward Amazon. Amazon lets me upload local music for streaming or download to any device. Spotify's local music process is very cumbersome and annoying. 


Hey, here is my first post on this forum, but as a spotify user for years, i am extremely sad that you removed this feature which was an amazing thing for user experience. I never posted on this forum and this is the first time i do, and i think you are disappointing a lot of users by removing this feature.

Seriously guys, you should consider bringing it back


If you would like to see Touch Preview come back, you can add your vote to this idea:


Please pass along 


Why would you take away finding that no one asked to be taken away? Bring it back. 


Well, I just saw Spotify had an app update, and I stupidly hoped it was them adding Touch Preview back. 




**bleep**, OVER?!?


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this is the stupidest thing you have ever did, do you actually think people will keep spotify if they don't knownwhat the songs are like.(especially if they don't have premium) .  it wastes time and doesn't let the people using your app feel what the song is like. please bring this back 

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Touch preview was seriously the feature that I would boast about to friends using the competitors' streaming services. For my friends who did use Spotify, I made sure to let them know that they were able to preview songs and albums in that way. It's actually ridiculous that you would decide to remove this feature. Using the app feels unnatural now because touch preview had been such an inherint part of the discovery experience.