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Track names dont show on Range Rover Sport 2017

Track names dont show on Range Rover Sport 2017

I have an Iphone 6s connected via bluetooth and the track name will appear for a second and this dissappear. I have tried with two different iPhones using the latest iOS and latest version of spotify. I have also tried using Deezer, Tidal and Soundcloud and all work correctly and display correct track names.

I have tried using offline tracks and also making sure the devices have internet with no solution.

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I have the exact same problem!!!!

And I also have the same issue with an Evoque and tested with a 2017 Discovery and it was still the same. Sometimes going back and forth between tracks, the track name will stay persistent and also show the album cover too.

Is there anything we can do to solve this?

Same problem and brought it in for service with no success. They reinstalled/updated the system but the problem remains.  Shocking that this problem exists at the price point.  Please help!

Having the same issues.  Metadata flashes on screen for a brief second and then goes away.  This the data is getting to the system but not displaying correctly.  Please find a fix!  I am using an iPhone X and have all updates installed.  


I have the exact issue with the IPhone X

any ideas on a fix?


I'm having the exact same problem with a Range Rover Evoque. I've tried spotify on both an iphone 7 (iOS 11.2.1), and a Galaxy S7 (Android 7). The iPhone shows metadata briefly when skipping track then disappears. The galaxy shows the artist name etc correctly but a strange genre generic album cover. Any fixes for this yet?!

I have the same issue on a Range Rover Velar 2018. It is really annoying.

It only happens on Spotify on iPhone. Maybe time to end my Spotify subscription as with Apple, deezer or amazon music it works flawlessly!

Same here!
iPhone X and 8+ in a 2017 Discovery.

Is there a fix in a future update?

from what i have seen the issue is partialy spotify partially ios and partially incontrol touch pro systems.


I have a 2017 Discovery Sport with incontrol touch and bt tracks display fine

I also have a 2017 Discovery with incontrol touch pro and bt track do not display after the 1st song.


I have also noticed that the spotify app resolution is off when using the incontrol apps screen mirroring, you have to press above the buttons for it think you are pushing the buttons. This only happens with the iphone x and i have a feeling it has to do with the resolution of the spotify app for the iphone x screen

Has anyone had any luck with Range Rover on these issues? I have to take
my car in for regular service and last time they didn't have a clue.

there is a new software updaote for Incontrol Touch Pro (17C) but the issue is not with land rover ... its with spotify. 


Apple music works fine, spotify does not. 

The screen mirroring using incontrol remote is also a spotify app issue on the iphone x 

Any update?  How can we get this resolved?!?

+1 for me. Spotify flashes up track details then it goes blank. On RR Evoque.

Hey guys,


I might be able to help as a solution that i tried worked for me in my SVR. I had same problem as what you guys are mentioning and what i ended up doing was connecting it to the incontrol app, and it works like a charm. 


Hopefully this helps you guys out! Ill also ask some of the other Rock Star community members and see what their input is and if i get anything ill let you guys know


Happy Listening


Does not work. Incontrol app crashes consistently.

The InControl App works fine, but there are some benefits to playing music via Bluetooth over a wired connection.

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