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Trying to get premium for £0.99 but won't work

Trying to get premium for £0.99 but won't work

Hi I'm trying to get the 3 month trial for 99p but I've tried several times to a pay with with PayPal but it says it's going back to the business page and won't upgrade???? Can someone help. I used my PayPal to pay for my sisters premium trial too? Will this affect it ?? Thanks
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Hello @Emaakhter


Sorry about to hear that. 


Have you ever had a Spotify discount before? The deal is only available to users who have not had premium before in the past including the free trial.

I've never had any discount before all I've done is use the same PayPal account to pay for my sisters - that's all. So I will try again using another means and hope for the best

If your sister has used the discount with the same Paypal account as you. You will not be able to use the same offer. Sorry.


Please tell me if have more questions about the Spotify System. Happy to help!




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