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URI for Favorite songs?

URI for Favorite songs?


Hi so I am trying to make a shortcut with ios 12 and I was looking into uri's and i have a question that i havent been able to find the answer to anywhere on the web.


Is there a URI or a deep link to your "favorite songs"? I'd call it your music library or saved songs but i guess its the same difference.


because its not a playlist or an album, and when I go to the spotify app for mac there is no option to copy a uri for your "favorite songs".


id imagine it looking something like this?




and obviously im not redirecting it so a specific persons "favorite songs" just the favorite songs of the person who is already logged in (duh just making sure though)


but i havent guessed right for what the uri is so far... and maybe thats because that URI doesnt even exist but lol

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Hey @Hayden_S, welcome to the Community.


Hope you're doing great!


There's no URI for the Songs folder.

However, you can check this subreddit for shortcuts, I've seen some for Spotify too.

I've also found this site for you which has some recipes for Spotify.


Hope it helps ๐Ÿ™‚

works in iOS13beta shortcut app

Helped me a lot!

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