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Unable to change tracks in car via Bluetooth

Unable to change tracks in car via Bluetooth






(iPhone 8

Operating System

(iOS 12


My Question or Issue

I am unable to change tracks via the buttons on my display nor the steering wheel when I have Spotify connected to my car (2011 VW Golf). I can change using my phone however do not want to do that while driving. I am able to use them buttons to change tracks on CD or to change radio station. Any solutions ? Thanks 

3 Replies

Hi @SamP93


I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. My insight might not be the best solution but I will try up to my utmost knowledge concerning about your issue.


Please check this here, for further information.


Have a nice day!


i reviewed the link which is for connecting the Spotify via BT. My issue is that I cannot change the track via the controls on the steering wheel or on the in-car radio. 


I’m thinking maybe the radio doesn’t support that function. 

Hi Sam.

I've had this problem for a while now. The track skipping for me will only work if Spotify is open and 'on top' on my phone and the phone is unlocked. If I want to be able to skip tracks I have to unlock the phone (luckily only the fingerprint sensor) and then I can use the in car controls until the screen locks again.


It's been this way for a while, no sign of a fix yet, but hopefully this will help you out a little.

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