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Unable to play certain songs

Unable to play certain songs

Recently I have noticed that when I go onto Spotify and click on certain artists, no songs come up (although it will say how many songs I supposedly have saved) and it says “you have no playable songs by (x artist). go to playback settings to show unplayable songs.” I have tried going to my playback settings and can’t find anything to help fix the problem. I have Spotify premium, and I have it set to automatically download all of my saved songs, and I discovered that if I search for one of these ‘unplayable’ artists in my Songs or in a playlist, I can listen to their songs. It’s just a bit of an inconvenience really, and i have tried to go on to the artists’ pages and re-save and download the ‘unplayable’ songs (note- I can listen to the songs fine on the artists’ pages), but this does not work. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s advice/input. 

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Hey @siubhan, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

It happens because the artists/labels remove the song from Spotify and it becomes unplayable to anyone who has it in any place saved in their library. 

However, when they decide to put it back up again Spotify will see that as a "new song" and won't replace the one you have greyed out in Your Library.


That's why you can play it if you search for it or try to stream it from the Artists own page.


I would recommend to remove the greyed out ones or just put them in a playlist to keep track of them.


Here’s some info about missing content.


Hope it helps 🙂

That’s great, thanks so much for the help 🙂

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