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Unavailable musics

Unavailable musics






iPhone 6S

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1


My Question or Issue

I was listening to a playlist and I noticed that some musics weren’t playing. Then I saw that the song appeared in a gray colour and I wasn’t able to select it. Can anybody tell me what I can do to be able to listen to that song?

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Having the same issue, but all my downloads have the green circle on them. Some will play while i’m away from wifi but most won’t. Would like to know whats going on

The green circle doesn’t mean that it’s downloading?

i have the same problem. Some songs of my playlists suddenly turn gray and i can´t play it, then 2 months later i can play the same songs then another time the song it's unavailable. 

Tell me if you know how to solve the problem 


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