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Unwanted connections to other devices/cars driving by

Unwanted connections to other devices/cars driving by

The past week or so I've had a repeat issue while driving and streaming music through bluetooth to my car from my iPhone 6s (latest iOS updates).  The music will stop, and the phone will say currently streaming to "Robbin's iPhone", or "Kyle's iPhone" and gives me the option to listen through "this iphone" instead.  I click this iPhone and it resumes playing through my bluetooth in the car.  It seems whenever I drive by someone it tries to stream to their devices or something, and I am forced to reach for my phone while driving (not safe or ideal) to re-select it as the audio output (even through it then resumes through my bluetooth in the car).  And no, my name is not Robbin or Kyle.


Spotify premium.  Iphone 6s (iOS 9.2.1).  Lincoln MKX.


Anyone experienced this or have any ideas?



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This same issues happens to me, but I am not in a car.  I'm in my backyard or at the gym, streaming Spotify to my bluetooth speaker or headphones when suddenly, someone else's music starts playing.  I bring it back to my choice and that only lasts for about 15 seconds, then it repeats.  This continues until my frustration reaches the limit and I move to a competitor.  Any solutions?


Mine ended up being that my account was hacked by someone from Quebec.  Change your password quickly, and if the issue continues contact spotify.

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