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Upgrade: Can’t find albums or much of anything?

Upgrade: Can’t find albums or much of anything?






IPhone 8

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iOS 10


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 Ever since the upgrade I am incredibly displeased having used this program for over four years and now having no access to the full gamut of my albums or artists (how I sort songs) or being able to listen to just certain songs I deliberately saved from an album unless I went through years of music and found each saved song and made a playlist as to their all previously being in one place. In desktop these features are obviously still there but I find the mobile app incredibly frustrating and backwards to have dropped these features. There are hundreds of songs/particular albums I cannot find not access. Is there something I’m missing? Would resubscribing to Premium remedy this? I feel this upgrade is a downgrade. I don’t want to pay again for premium with losing ability to sort and listen the way I, the subscriber, prefer. 

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I have the same issue. 7 years of collecting music is gone. 

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