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Very Slow Downloading/ Sync Playlists after upgrade to Iphone 5

Very Slow Downloading/ Sync Playlists after upgrade to Iphone 5

HI all,


I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to increase my downloading speed.  I just purchased an iphone 5, and now when spotify tries to sync my playlist on WIFI it takes forever (1 song = 10-15 minutes).    I have tried this on multiple WIFI networks.


When I switch over to download via LTE, it downloads very fast (1 song = 2 or 3 seconds). 


I've upgraded to IOS 6.0.2, deleted and reinstalled app, and tried multiple WIFI networks.  WIFI on my iphone works great when downloading multiple apps, downcast podcasts etc...


IS there anything that can be done?  This is ruining the experience for me and if it continues I'll have no choice but to cancel.


Thank You.

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There's a big thread about this problem already here. However, I think there hasn't been a real solution yet to this problem.

Last post claims after a router reset it works fine again, maybe try that. 😉

I Saw that thread, it lists the issue as solved as of Feb 16 followed by tons of people saying it's not solved).  I thought a new thread might be appropriate since it is now January '13.

Would also appreciate some more feedback from Spotify (ie more than 'we're aware and are looking into it').  


This is my first experience with Spotify, and I'm on the Premium trial.  I love the music but I can't see how it will be worth continuing (ie, paying) if simple bugs like this hang around for what seem to be months.  I know it can be tough to support multiple devices/platforms, but syncing is pretty critical, and I'm pretty reluctant to pay for a flawed service.  


Surely a simple solution is USB sync? I was actually really surprised to discover this feature is missing.

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