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Video ad option disappears too fast

Video ad option disappears too fast






iPhone 6

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iOS 10


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 As I’m listening with my phone right beside me, I hear the option to watch the video ad for 30 minutes of free listening. But in the 5 seconds it takes to unlock my phone and pull up the Spotify app, the option is gone and the audio ads have started. It’s impossible to click to watch the video. Give me at least 20 seconds if not the full 30 I used to have. 

Also, do the companies paying for the video ads know that their ads are getting fraction of the views because of this?


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Came here to say this. I don’t even know how long the thing is on the screen because it’s always gone before I can even see it.



Yep, I thought that it was now selecting it automatically, but it's jsut the regular ad time. If I do manage to press the button in time, it says the "link is unavailable."

Among toher things, the iOS version is just really broken right now.

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