View all songs of artist?


View all songs of artist?



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I'm looking for the list of all songs of an artist, on iOS. I know when you search an artist, you can scroll down to "See all artists," "See all songs," "See all playlists," etc. Clicking on “See all songs” kind of works, but it’s still inefficient.


What I'm looking for is to view all songs from the artist's page. I know you can click on “See Discography” and it’ll bring you to all their albums. Problem with that is if you don’t know what album the song you want is on, you have to go through each one until you find it (inefficient). Is there a way that you can be on the artist’s page and view a literal list of all their songs? If not, there should be. You should be able to order the list by date, album, popularity, alphabetical order, whatever.

The closest thing I can find to this is on the desktop app where you can show the albums and all their songs in a list.

I’ve only had Spotify for a month or so and haven’t used it much on my phone, but the more I use it, the more I hate how inefficient and illogical it is.

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Hey @inboardshooter,


Thanks for reaching out. You have 2 ways you can see all songs of a specified artist.


The first way is to use the This Is playlist of that artist. For example for Queen, it's:


Every artist on Spotify has this playlist featuring their biggest hits and songs which will be sufficient for you as a discography page.


The second way is to search for the artist's own playlist. Some artists create their own playlists and place all of their songs which can be found under their profiles > artist playlists. Billie Eilish has one for example.


Hope this helps 🙂




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Re: View all songs of artist?


Hello there,

Thanks for the reply. However, this response does not address the question of the previous user. What happened to the "See all" link that was there a couple of years ago (at list on the desktop version of Spotify).


Re: View all songs of artist?

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There is no way to do that on the app, it’s dumb.

i thought you might be able to on premium but nope! The company with the massive database full of music can’t do it so each artist or user has to do it themselves