Volume to Max with Spotify Connect // New post - Old problem!


Volume to Max with Spotify Connect // New post - Old problem!


 Anyone else using Spotify Connect having issues with it automatically connecting to your receiver, starting up the music, and turning the volume to 100% !???


Seriously – why haven’t you fixed this Spotify!?? Hundred of people have had this issue so far! *

I almost got my speakers ruined!! The reciever blasted out 165 watt, where my speakers are only made for 90 watt!!


Neither my iPhone, my speakers, or my computer (which I was playing from to begin with) was set to 100%. Normally it’s around 15-20% tops.


I sent you guys at Spotify an email about it, in which you decided to respond only to a secondary issue in previous emails and refused to even adress what had happened. I am so mad and disappointed right now! I wrote back, wondering if they are going to take responsibility if my speakers now are ruined?



* https://community.spotify.com/t5/iOS-iPhone-iPad/Spotify-Connect-Sets-Volume-to-Max/td-p/855933/page...



Spotify Connect

iPhone 7

Sony STRDN-1080



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Spotify Legend

Hey @Justusson,


Sorry to hear your questions haven't been addressed properly. 


Spotify Connect saves the volume of the last Connect session you had. So for instance, if you had played through Connect yesterday in a set volume, and you  change the volume directly from the receiver, the next Connect session might change in volume to become louder.


So it doesn't consider the current volume on the device you're streaming from. 


We hope that helps!