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Way to see unplayable tracks without scrolling thru playlist?

Way to see unplayable tracks without scrolling thru playlist?

I'm a premium user and I put all of my songs in one giant playlist with about 3500 songs in it at the moment...I'm much too unorganized to make tons of different playlists! So, I've found that many times after adding some songs to my playlist, they later are grayed out and are unplayable. The thing is, when I search for the unplayable songs in Spotify, many times the songs are still available, perhaps on different albums. The problem is that since my playlist has so many songs, it takes forever to scroll thru and see which tracks are grayed out. This is a big problem for me and I don't have time to scroll thru my playlist all the time and clean up. My suggestions to Spotify would be:


1) Give us a notification when a track on one of our playlists becomes unplayable

2) If a track becomes unplayable but the song is still available on Spotify on another album, automatically replace it.


I would prefer the first option since I would want to know which songs are unplayable, even if there's not a playable version on Spotify to replace it with.


In the meantime, does anyone know if there's some sort of application that exists that will show you all your unplayable tracks? (Again, I know there's an option to make them visible on Spotify, but my point is to see them all without having to scroll thru the playlist) Thanks.

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Hi there, welcome 😉


No, I don't think there is a way to do this, and I'm unsure as to whether there is an idea for it...


Why don't you try searching for an idea, and if you can't find one, post up a new one?



Hi Liam. I posted this here and in the Ideas section. There is a third party application that will delete duplicate songs, so I didn't know if someone knew of one that would show you your unplayable songs. If one doesn't exist, someone should create it, since I doubt Spotify will do anything about this issue.

Hello, this reply is probably 6 years too late, but I actually made a tool that addresses your concern. Check out


Awesome! 100/100

You didn't came late, spotify will come late. Perfect solution you made for me, I think all they need to do is the create a filter in the order selection to show on the top of the list the unplayable songs

Brilliant app. Just found it. It's so helpful 

Is the code for the app available?

You might have been years too late for that guy but you were year’s ahead of me googling this problem. Ty. It still worked great for me! 

That's awesome, thanks Brandonwee

I keep getting an error with spotunplayable. Anyone know how to fix this?

I have a large playlist (8000+ songs and counting) and it is really hard to scroll through the playlist to find each greyed out song. I tried to use the spotunplayable website but it is down. Do you know any other alternative? That looked like the perfect tool I was looking for but I can't use it 😞

It doesn't work

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