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Waze stops Spotify

Waze stops Spotify

Since the iOS 9.0 update Spotify player is stopped after Waze spoke. When Wase is back silenced the Spotify music player don't restart to play.
No problem occurs with Apple Music.

First I play Spotify
Then I run Waze
Waze spoke then Spotify stop and no start again after

I already try to re-install Spotify and Waze applications
on my iPhone 6 iOS 9.0.2
I have Spotify premium account and using the Spotify 4.1.0 version

Thank you

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community!


I can't reproduce the problem, I'm using iPhone 5C with iOS 9.1.


When waze speaks the volume is low, after waze spoke, the music come back to normal volume.

Maybe I have to precise that the problem occures when Waze sound setting is on "Play sound to phone speaker".

I have the same problem on 5S with iOS 9.1. As soon as Waze speaks Spotify would stop playing. When I go to the Spotify app, the button is in the state of play (in other words, the pause symbol is showing as if it was playing). I Have to hit pause then play again to get it working. My Waze setting is 'play sound to phone speaker' is on and 'Prefer Bluetooth' is off.

Same problem here. Have you found the solution ?

Me too

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