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What happened to Spotify's song count?

What happened to Spotify's song count?

I noticed the song play count has changed on the iOS interface. It used to stay on the entire song duration, but now when a song is playing, it only flashes for a couple seconds then disappears. It comes up again for a few seconds if you tap the screen again.  I am a spin instructor and the exact song count/time is so important/helpful to me when teaching. Anyone know why this changed? Spotify can you please bring it back? Or, any advice if there is a way to go back to my previous Spotify iOS version that had this at all times? Now when I teach, I am constantly tapping my device every 10-15 seconds. Thank you!

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Yeah, there have been a lot of complaints recently about that. You should probably submit this as an idea! I don't think it has been. Yet.

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