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What happened to the search option?

What happened to the search option?





iPhone SE

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iOS 12.1.4


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I recently updated the app. I had not updated it for a long time, so I don't know since when this is happening. In any case, it was a big mistake. I cannot describe how angry this update makes me as it renders the search function COMPLETELY useless for me. 

Only 7 results are displayed for any set of keywords and they mix albums, songs, podcast episodes and playlist. When looking for classical music, you enter in this weird world where you get a playlist with a specific recording, two movements from that same recording, the album of this recording, and a random podcast episode. Before, I used to get multiple recordings of the same piece and the choice to select only albums and to show more results. It was not ideal, but it worked. Now, this seems impossible and spotify is now useless to me if I cannot find new albums and new recordings. Spotify already sucked for classical music, but this seems like aggressive design meant to prevent people from listening to this music. it makes no sense and is such a useless modification. If I can't find a workaround, I will cancel my subscription, which really pains me as I used to like being able to use the same app for pop music and classical music. 

- A very disappointed and sad user 😭

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This is very strange... The search bar seems to work again now! Whatever the cause, i'm glad it's back on.

Hey @simonm1234567,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out about this here!


As a heads-up, since your app hadn't been up-to-date for some time, it'd be great for you to take a look at this Spotify Answer featuring some relevant info regarding the latest Your Library updates.


With this update and using the mobile app with your iPhone, you'll also be able to filter-search through as well as sort both your Playlists, Artists, and Albums in Your Library based on a number of options which you'll see as you click on the 'Filters' gray box right beside the 'Find' search bar on the top-part of the page.


Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know if there's anything we can help with 🙂

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