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What's up with this new Home screen?

What's up with this new Home screen?

Whats up with the new home screen being random playlist? Its really bad, can I change it back?

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Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts and feedback.


As this thread here has become too general and has grown a bit old, going forward, we'd like to close it off and refer you to post in our new Home Feed Update feedback thread.



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This may be the worst update Spotify has ever had. Why do you want auto played videos on my screen and TINY ICONS on my Mixes when on the Music filter.


Guess its finally time to go Apple Music, this is literally unusable. IT FEELS LIKE TIKTOK THIS IS NOT TIKTOK STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT BE LIKE TIKTOK.

Today I opened Spotify and found out the interface of the many had been changed. And not for the better.

The new "story" like feature on the main menu turns off music one is currently listening too and on top off that it makes the interface very unclear and suggestions for new/alternative music is harder too find.

This new feature does not by any means enhance the user experience.

At least give users the option to turn it back as it was before since the previous interface was way more user friendly.

I spent some time googling to day on how I could turn off the preview feature on the Spotify front page in my app and just realized that no, there is no way, Spotify has decided to copy TikTok of all things.

I really really really hope you add a button to turn that off and enable some more usable and efficient navigation again. In the meantime I guess I'll have to resort to using Spotify on my computer to find / navigate music?


I'm not saying that I want the old Spotify back again but PLEASE give me a sensible way to navigate again

I just came here to complain that these massive title cards are terrible and i hate them and half of the ones showing up don't even reflect my music taste. This is an awful update. I will leave and use another music app of they dont change the home page back soon.

Just talked with customer service for a while. They can't revert the home screen back to normal. They can't tell me if or when it will revert back.

Had a "Just deal with it" attitude. 

So I canceled my premium family subscription. 

Way to drive off your customers spotify.

It looks like this awful home page has just come to the UK. We need to be able to opt out.


I have experience of discovering and listening to a wide variety of new music. I do not need your algorithm to force feed me more of what I have just listened to. Nor do I need inches of of random videos to enable me immerse myself in the artists process. I want the music. I want a compact way to discover. I want to be able to opt out of ALL video content and massive icons.


I'm begging for an off switch or I'll need to apply it to my premium account.

My home screen got switched today, and I came here to find out why. It's truly baffling that so many people at Spotify approved such a treacherous design choice. To expect customers to scroll through playlists like they scroll through TikTok videos is a demonstration of how far out of touch you are with your own app. I can no longer find the music I like. I can no longer discover new music. I can no longer view recently played playlists of bands. This app has turned into nothing more than a virtual CD sleeve of stuff in my library.


I'll give you 7 days to fix this blunder before I cancel my family plan and move over to Apple Music.

So agree with this! Best description ever! New home screen suck and is against everything I thought Spotify was about..!

Activation of Apple Music sub → complete

All playlists/songs transferred to Apple Music → complete

Cancelation of Spotify → complete

Not having to deal with this asinine TikTok home page**bleep** nonsense → priceless.

It's sad to see how the cards gradually got bigger and bigger over the last 6 month. They really are testing where the breakpoint for their users is.

This is the worst change you've ever made to the app, it's making me not want to use it since the homescreen is now useless. That's where I found all the new music before, from related to what I've listened to, new releases for me, chosen albums etc.

This can't be what anyone wanted, please reconsider and revert it back. 

Did my part and cancelled

God it's awful. Giant tiles. Auto-play?! **bleep** no. Please put it back. The other way was much better for browsing new music. 

Hi Vasil,


I'm sure this new layout wasn't your idea (I hope at least), so please pass along the feedback that it's horrible. 


At the very least, offer an option to change the layout, or revert to the old UI similar. How was this not even considered? Is it incompetency or just y'all trying to pander to shareholders by copying TikTok? **bleep**ing embarrassing. Hopefully this decision gets fixed soon. 

mine just hit today and I can't stand it!! Ugh.   Why?  Can we change it? 

The update to mine suspiciously occurred two days after my monthly sub renewed... coincidence? I think not.


Be warned - this might be a tactic they are using since we are all getting this update at different times.

im assuming this update is targeting tiktok users and a presumably younger user base, so it speaks volumes when us younger people dont like it either. spotify is a music player, NOT a social media platform. they need to stick with what works for them if they want to keep their customers

This tiktok layout needs to go. The app is completely unusable now.

I'm genuinely angry about this change. I'm not here for "content". I'm here for music. The Daily mixes are gone, my main listening source. I had to flip past multiple "popular albums" suggestions of rubbish I've never listened to before finding anything remotely relevant. Then maybe I had 5 or 6 options before it was just all podcasts and audio books, none of which I listen to. Straight up garbage that should be in a separate area for optional use. This is honestly the worst UI decisions I've seen in an app. 

I've been sub of this service since 2014 I guess and that's the first time I'm really considering cancelling it and never coming back at Spotify.

Imagine the whole development process of designing the feature, developing it, validating it and quality testing it without anyone at a decision making position able to see how awful it is...

Spotify you have only 2 things to do :
1. revert the change asap.
2. Fire the person responsible for this nonsense of a feature, they have no clue what they're doing, no knowledge in UI/UX at all or at least dismiss them of any decision making process.

I'll take a look at other music streaming services.

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