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When can I expect Siri shortcuts to work?

When can I expect Siri shortcuts to work?

I’d like Siri support so I can start playback of a playlist for example with a given phrase 

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Hey @Kevleyski, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


That's up to Apple's side mostly. Still iOS 12 is an unreleased piece of software so no official support for it.


Have a nice day 🙂

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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Pretty sure iOS12 is released?

Other apps seem to be able to attach a voice snippet to action things to start and perform actions

Thinking there should be a way to reuse that system in some way?

It's already been integrated with Pandora. Come on, Spotify, this should have been worked out from the word go.

Please consider prioritizing this. I'm tired of not being able to conveniently voice command Spotify in iOS and I don't think I'm alone. I know this has been Apple's shortcoming for a while, but it now seems possible and I'd personally like to use Siri from the watch to play a song or start a playlist. I know the in-app voice command was added and I've used it once or twice but it's not convenient at all.

iOS12 was released to developers months ago. It entered beta months ago. Spotify should have this ready TODAY, upon iOS12 release. We've been waiting for this for an eternity, get your stuff together guys.

This is not true, google has already integrated maps into shortcuts on day 1. Spotify needs to get it together.

Loxer was correct that iOS 12 wasn't out at the time of the initial reply (a day before the official public release), but as others have pointed out here, it's been available for developers since June.


A large number of apps had this integration ready to go on day one (Pandora for instance). It feels like Spotify really dropped the ball on this one.

No longer up to Apple. As mentioned above, iOS 12 beta has been available to developers for a while now and the public version has now been released. It is up to Spotify to decide whether they want to develop a feature that many of their users have been longing for for YEARS. I will wait a couple more months for an update, and if this continues to be a non-priority, I'll be taking my paid subscription elsewhere.

Ios12 was released to developers in June.


Overcast, built by one person working alone, managed to add Siri shortcut support more comprehensive than most of Apples own apps. 


As as a side note, Apple Music (finally) understands the type of music I like. 

Hey @Rahoulb@Kevleyski@melomanias@ChesterKatz & @gaspomacho567,


In the meantime you can check this subreddit for shortcuts, I've seen some for Spotify too.

I've also found this site for you guys which has some recipes for Spotify.


Hope it helps 🙂

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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Founds this really good shortcut implementation for spotify you find helpful.


Or if your account has Spotify voice already use this siri shortcut in the mean time. It's safer then the other ones when it comes to privacy.

All this shortcut does is launch spotify to the Spotify voice mode useing a simple URI command execution.




These are the steps when creating the shortcut in shortcuts app.

1: Select URL

2: Input in the URL: spotify:voice-assistant

3: Select Open X-Callback URL

4: Add a Siri Phrase like: "Play Music"

Or you can go to the link below:


Keep in mine not eveyone has spotify voice yet but if you do this can be a quick simple solution 🙂 

If you don't have spotify voice try this one mentioned on reddit as well. This one uses Spotify Web API

Use the Spotify mic on the search menu speak a playlist name and it will  start playing your playlists ... Works pretty well even for next song or previous song and for searching songs as well ( Premium )

Please initiate SIRI and shortcuts update development ASAP!!!

Given how slack Spotify have been with not even bothering to provide a native app for Apple TV I’m not holding my breath, Seriously it’s been three years since Apple released the 4th Gen Apple TV with an AppStore and Spotify have done zero to provide us with native playback options, what a joke.

Ohh tell me about that Apple TV Support 😕
It seems that Spotify definitely isn’t in greatest relationship with Apple...

Spotify is absolute trash at supporting anything new from day one. They wait months to even start, instead of participating in the beta programs like every other freaking developer on the App Store. If they hope to compete with Apple Music long term, which will always be ready from day one for all of Apple’s latest and greatest features, they need to be right on the cutting edge and not postpone progress.


Adding my support to this.  Spotify needs to work with Siri.  This is a safety feature, and is now considered to be a standard feature for iOS apps.


If we don't receive an update soon - and ETA for Siri integration - I will likely switch to Apple Music.  Losing one customer will likely not hurt Spotify, but I suspect that there are many of us who plan to do the same if necessary.  This could impact Spotify's subscriber base if it is not addressed.  Note: I am a paid subscriber with a family subscriptions.

I’m in the same boat as sezduck. I just signed up for a 3 month trial of Apple Music. There are plenty of services that will port over playlists from Spotify to Apple Music so the switch was painless. Spotify isn’t usable with Apple CarPlay without Siri integration. I prefer Spotify’s webapp, but if Spotify hasn’t integrated with Siri by the end of the Apple Music trial, I’ll drop our Spotify family plan.

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