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Where are The All Singles of Kpop Singer "IU"?

Where are The All Singles of Kpop Singer "IU"?

I collect some of her songs in my playlist, either from her albums or singles. But when I open her profile, I just only see the albums and "appears on", not her any single songs. But I can see and play her singles by clicking the single songs on my playlist. So what's wrong with this?
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That is a little unusual.


Can you post what device, OS, and also Spotify app version you are currently running?


What happens when you tab on See All Albums?

I just only see the albums that produced by the artist. Not even her
singles, but there's condition when my account is near to the end of
premium time until free. After I upgrade to premium, I can see the singles
from the artist again. I don't know it's because the "free-premium" problem
or bugs. I'm using iPhone 6, iOS 10.2, and the latest version of spotify



Hey there, I went ahead and moved this post over to the Spotify iOS area, this area of the community has other's who are more familiar with all the different iOS devices, and versions of those devices.

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