Whole album is being saved instead of just the songs I saved

Whole album is being saved instead of just the songs I saved







iPhonse 6s

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IOS 12.1.4


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I use the album section of spotify for 95% of when im listening to music. There are few albums I have the entirety of saved. I prefer to save only a handful of songs from each album and use the covers of the album to easily distinguish between where the song i want is instead of searching through a million playlists to the specific song I want. However for some reason recently When I go to the album section and click on an album I have only one saved song in, it displays the whole album and I can selectively only save a single song or two from that album. Is there a way I can turn this off because it's essing with how I've used this app since I got it and its really bothering me.

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I've recently experienced this problem last night. I hadn't even updated my app and they chose to pull this b*llsh*t. I didn't ask for this. Stop sending out updates people didn't ask for. They have until the time my subscription is up to get this sh*t changed or im going to apple music.

Seems it’s now being run by inveterate tinkerers. Can’t they just leave things alone? No, obviously. Poor decisions, by children probably.  Failing organisation. At least for an old(er) fart like me. 

I totally agree. I don't know why they would change it. It literally TAKES away features, isn't that the opposite of what an update is supposed to do. I'm going to try going to an old icloud version to potentially fix it. It's tedious and annoying but I'd rather do that than have to keep using the whole album just to listen to one song.

I’ve found a bit of a work around, it’s not exactly a solution but it’s better than nothing. If you turn on Offline mode (by going into Settings and then Playback) it will only show your saved songs in an album. 

Hope this helps!

It works for me too though I don't have any of my music installed. I shouldn't have to install the music either. The fact that this works leads me to believe this is some kind of a bug because it still shows the songs that I liked when it's in offline mode, it's just not installed.

I’m in love with you. Thanks!!!

I would really appreciate just a clear answer as to wether this change is intentional or not because this is either a really frustrating update or bug and I haven't found anything online addressing it, just a bunch of other people with the same issue.

ok folks,


i spoke to customer service on this a month ago and was told this is not how it should be and they will have an update fixing this... again that was about a month ago and no fix so i did what yall said and went to apple music.... guess what??? i hate it even more!! apple music is even worse. so please we need more people to complain about this issue so they fix it, i have been on apple music for 3 days now and my god the UI is bad, cant delete saved stations, cant do anything you want. 



i’ve got the same problem and it’s really annoying. updates are supposed to enhance the app and not ruin everyone’s experience. and sometimes i just want to save a couple of songs or one from an album but now when i do that and visit my albums section i’m surprised to find the whole album saved?? please work on that or i’m gonna switch to apple music instead of this 

Im having the same issue on iOS, this has been the case for 2 months now and Spotify hasnt acknowledged it at all. The desktop version of Spotify on Windows 10 doesnt have this problem. This leads me to beleive that this is a bug that is unique to iOS. Spotify is known to take forever to fix bugs and I dont understand why. Whoevers managing the development department should be fired. If they dont fix this in the next update on moving over to Tidal or Apple music..

This is the same issue I'm having:


Spotify, if you're listening, why make a big deal about adding UI features when the UX is falling apart around paying users whose complaints you're ignoring?


As a former Apple Music customer, you're making me very homesick.  For all of the problems Apple Music has, UI consistency and stuff behaving as expected was never one of them.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback on the new Your Library experience - we hear you and we appreciate your honesty.


There's an existing idea in the Community which you can add your vote to here. That way, we can gauge how many people feel similarly to you, and if it's a popular idea then Spotify will consider (re-)implementing this feature.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback regarding this - we're all ears 🙂

Thank you for reaching out finally and thanks for the clarification. I've already casted my vote on that thread. I think in the future when you guys are going to make such drastic changes to the functionality of the application, you should try your hardest to make sure as many paying subcribers know the changes before they are implemented. Send emails, list the changes in the app store update section, notifications on the website etc.. Its such a turn off when a product I've been using for years all of a sudden stops functioning the way I like to use it and theres no way to tell if its a bug or if it was done intentionally. Also the fact that the desktop version functions differently than the mobile version is crazy.. This is all anti-consumer and its obvious that there was an agenda..

I'm having the same exact ISSUE ! Strangely, on MacOS i'm having the old (and GOOD) behaviour. Can't understand why someone at Spotify would consider this a feature...

I just want to add that my brother is on Android and he is having the GOOD behaviour (only liked songs appears when selecting an album from his library).


So this is definatly a bug on ios. What about Windows users ?

Spotify, is this the reason why this problem has gone 3+ months without being fixed?

this is driving me insane and is greatly impeding my spotify experience (i've been a paying customer for about two years now), i really hope this gets attention soon

It's not a bug and it's across all devices now.


I'm sure they could change this behaviour without an app update? I'm running an old version of iOS so can only use an older version of spotify, and my albums without all tracks have also gone using the same app.


I really hate this constant development of apps, I've stopped using countless apps due to updates over the years.


I would love to know their thinking behind this update.

It baffles my mind that this happened. Can I not download a beloved constantly re-issued album without clogging up my downloads with a million bonus tracks and alternate mixes? I don't understand.

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