Why I will cancel my Spotify subscription soon if nothing happens...


Why I will cancel my Spotify subscription soon if nothing happens...


Dear Spotify developers,


This post is not to flame or troll against you. But unfortunately Spotify ignores my needs as user and if there is no change within the next month, I will ultimately cancel my Spotify Premium Subscription.


At first: I love Spotify because it gives me the ability to listen to nearly EVERYTHING for just 10 € per month. Okay, sometimes the sound quality could be a bit better (I experience clipping too often in some of my favourite jazz albums, which is not present on the CD version). But for the cheap price Spotify has more than a great offer.


But one thing really pisses me off. Guess what my main device is on which I listen to Spotify? Of course, the iPad. Why is that the case? a) it has a way better headphone quality than my Moto G Smartphone, b) I carry it around nearly all the time, c) with my Apple TV and my optical DAC I can stream Spotify wirelessly to my stereo. But apparently Spotify has not yet arrived in the tablet era, because if it were so, we wouldn't have to wait for over half a year for an iPad update.


Don't get me wrong, I doen't need an upgrade because I'm bored by the old version and desperately need a new color scheme or something like that. I also like the new Discover feature, but I can get along without it. The point is another one: with Spotify's policy of shipping the new version (the one with the black design, you know) for all other devices (even for Linux, which I usually appreciate much) way before the iPad makes inter-device synchronisation way impossible.


You want an example? Lets say I listen to Spotify at work on my office laptop (with the Linux app). I discover a new, awesome album and click on "save". What happens? On my Moto G it is now in the "my music" section at once. Also on my home PC (Linux and Win dual boot). But what happens on the iPad? Nothing. I only see my "Playlists" which are all older than half a year...


So in your own interest, Spotify: please bring us the iPad update NOW. It can't be so hard, its the darn same code basis than on the iPhone. If there is no update soon, I'm going to switch to a lossless streaming service like Qobuz or WiMP.


Thanks for your understanding.