Why are some tracks or artists not available in spotify radio?

Why are some tracks or artists not available in spotify radio?


For example why is the band moonbike not available in spotify radio? You can buy their music on the itunes store, you can search and find it in spotify. But why can't you start a spotify radio with this artist?

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Hey @p8guitar, help's here.


Some tracks, artists, or playlists might not be available in Spotify Radio. 


After looking at Moonbike's artist profile, it seems that they have no related artists yet. This could be the reason that Artist Radio is currently unavailable for this particular artist.




Hey JackS,


I didn't even know that there is such a thing as an artist profile, thanks for pointing me to that... 😉

But I wonder how I can change the situation and get "related artists".

I tried to add an "Artists Playlist", but this is not possible. It says "choose a playlist you made on spotify". But I cannot find any playlists that I made when I type the name of a playlist in the search field.

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Still no related artists for moonbike, no radio station possible.

The FAQ writes: "

Your related artists can’t be manually controlled. These artists are determined automatically by combining music discussions and trends happening around the internet with Spotify user listening data. They’ll update as your fans listen to more music on Spotify, and as more people around the web start talking about your music.

A great way to let your fans know about other artists you like or artists who have influenced you is to make and brand artist playlists and add them to your profile."

I added an artist playlist to the moonbike profile, but this didn't change a thing.

I wonder why an unknown band should publish their music on spotify when there is no way that someone stumbles upon it? What else can I do to get "related artists" for moonbike? I thought that there is some algorith that compares the music, but apparently works another way.

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