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Why are thumbed down tracks playing on my radio?

Why are thumbed down tracks playing on my radio?

I have been a Premium member for three years, and I have always thumbed down songs on Radio because I don't like them. This always worked to NEVER PLAY THE SONG AGAIN.


Today, however, the tracks that I have thumbed down have come back!!


I got excited to use the new iOS Spotify for my iPad. The radio function allowed me to skip backward through tracks, and it was actually playing a variety of music, instead of the same repetitive tracks every hour. I honestly hadn't used the Radio function in months because it's so terrible.


Now I'm extremely disappointed. After about an hour, it ceased to let me skip backward (what am I paying for?!?), and it played two songs that I told it I don't like. 


Does anyone know if this thumbs-down issue is on purpose, or if it is supposed to be fixed soon?

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