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Why did the new mobile update get rid of most of my saved songs?

Why did the new mobile update get rid of most of my saved songs?

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Firstly, I would like to mention that I have had to re-write this complaint three times because the website deleted it whenever I tried to post it, which is a problem in itself.

Now, the main issue is that my Spotify updated on my mobile and thousands of my saved songs have been deleted. I looked it up on the Spotify website and it said that my saved songs should have been moved to the favourite songs section as there is now no longer a songs section. I don’t know why the new update doesn’t include a songs section as that was the best and easiest part to use, but I hope that this problem is fixed soon because I don’t fancy having to waste my time re-saving thousands of missing songs, especially when this problem shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

Updates should be used to fix problems or add new features, not take features away. I don’t see why the previous version was changed when it worked perfectly well and actually had more to offer. Now, the majority of my saved songs and artists have been deleted, I can’t see my friend feed and I can’t find artist radios. The new home page is cluttered and harder to navigate and has less features than the last version. Every time Spotify is updated, features are taken away from free users to try and force people to buy premium. An entire section in the new version is just dedicated to advertising premium, as if the pop-up ads weren’t enough already!

I shouldn’t have to spend hours of my time trying to fix problems made by the new Spotify update. I have read the other complaints about the update, and many other users are having the same issues.


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I agree with you... I particularly hate the new update.  Ad someone that uses Spotify daily, I am particularly upset with the new changes.  The "playlists" section has me particularly dissatisfied.  I currently have over 100 playlists which I keep in folders to keep things organized and to ensure that I can quickly navigate to the music I'm looking for.  With the update, the folders are gone on mobile making the playlists a pian to access as I have to scroll through tons of them before reaching the playlist I want.  What used to take 5 seconds now takes 30.  it is simply put, a pain in the neck.  My computer version of Spotify has not updated yet, but if it also removes the ability to access folders I will be VERY dissatisfied.  This update was purely to make the interface more aesthetically pleasing but in doing so removed all of the functionality and ease of use the previous version had.  I am also not able to search for or access the accounts of people I follow, meaning that I can't access their playlists unless I have previously followed them or follow them on the computer unless I search for their playlists by name.  This doesn't make sense, however, when you check their profiles from time to time for new playlists because they have similar tastes which introduce you to new music.   All over, this is a bad update...

I agree 100% with you.

Everytime the app is updated, it is completely different.  This is not how you do new features.  They should be added to the base or core features.


If you are going to completely change the way the app looks and feels, there should be a way to opt out of that update.


Spotify's testing of new features is non-existent and they just throw this stuff out there for us to then complain about.

My comment kept getting deleted as well.  First time, it was because I chose not to fill in the IOS, and then it wiped out the title (which I didn't notice), and then it disagreed with me on what is a storefront.  I finally typed the comment in Notepad and pasted it in.  Glad but also sad that it wasn't only me....

I had the exact same problem with the new update. I had about 700 “saved” songs, installed the update, and now I have about 200 “favourite” songs. I messaged their support account on Twitter (@spotifycares) and asked them what was happening. Their answer was that “Currently, only the most recently saved songs will show in your Favourite Songs playlist”. I asked if that meant there was no way for me to find all the songs I saved prior to the update (meaning the full 700, not just the 200 “most recent” or whatever), and their reply was: “We don’t have any info on this right now. The changes should give everyone a better listening experience”. So yeah, apparently Spotify decided that we no longer wanted the songs we saved a while back and got rid of them for us? I’ve been mulling this over for a few days now and I still don’t get how that ever sounded like a good idea to them.

Me too!!! I hate that there isnt a songs option. It has take me like seven years to accumulate all the music I had. I started to add back albums (that I could remember) but I’m annoyed that individual songs that I may have heard at a restaurant or on the radio are all gone and I’ll never remember what they were. This is so ridiculous!

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