Why has "What's new" been replaced with "Discover" on iPhone?

Why has "What's new" been replaced with "Discover" on iPhone?

Why has "What's new" been replaced with "Discover" in the iPhone app?
Why not have both? I'd like the old feature. "Discover" is good to but not as a replacement!!
How do I get the top list back???
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Discover is designed to give you personalised recommendations - including new releases - based on what you're already listening to.


If you'd prefer a generic list of new releases similar to the old What's New page, the Tunigo app from the App Store is pretty neat.


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now that you've removed What's New one the mobile app, what is an equitable replacement there?  I'm guessing none.  Certainly it's not Discover.


really disappointed this has been removed, as it's the primary way I explored wide-ranging new music and what attracted me to Spotify in the first place.





Yea, why.! I dont like the new "discover" field. The old "Whats new" i could go to top songs on spotify and play the whole list, but not, the list is gone... Ok, you can "Play next", but that is just in reverse. Add a query like in th PC/mac application, so the last song you have selected "Play next" plays LAST, and not first..


I am so missing What's New and find the Discovery suggestions are darn irritating and stupid. I want to listen to new and different music not derivatives of what I have listened to before. Spotify is failing to meet users needs and keeps changing the goalposts. 


Its like browsing a different section of the CD store and looking for something that might be novel or surprising. I don't want commercial recomendations through apps from companies and there is no comprehensive list of what new albums - across diverse areas - have been released or become available on Spotify.


Just give us What's New back

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