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Will ANY old i-phone work with Spotify over wi-fi?

Will ANY old i-phone work with Spotify over wi-fi?

Hi there


We are very happy Spotify users, it's the best bargain on the net.


Just bought a Pure i-10 docking station and it works fab with both our iphone 4s.


Was thinking of buying an older - maybe first generation - iphone so we can leave it permanently on the docking station at home and access Spotify via wi-fi.  Wouldn't have a sim card or be used to make calls.  On ebay, old iphones are quite cheap now.


Does this sound like a plan?  Any issues to be aware of?


Many thanks.

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Just be aware, there are two different Spotify apps for iOS:

- Spotify for iOS 4 is the legacy app for iOS 4 devices, it lacks some new features. 

- Spotify which is the modern app for iOS 5 and 6. 


You need a device which can run at least iOS 4 to use Spotify, however I would opt for a more modern one if possible! 



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I haven't looked at prices, but I would think it would be cheaper to buy an older used iPod touch.  The functionality would be the same if you are just going to leave it docked at home.  Keeping in mind the iOS requirements previously mentioned.  

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