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Will I be charged after my free 7 day trial?


Will I be charged after my free 7 day trial?

Hi, today, i accidentally clicked "Free trial" on spotify, so now, I'm hooked up with premium for 7 days. I'm afraid I will get charged after the 7 day trial has ended, even though I haven't entered in credit card details. Is it still possible i will receive a bill or something? And how do i cancel the trail after 7 days so i dont get charged? I also received a 30 day trial add-on notice from spotify. What's that about?!!?
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I clciked the 7 day free trial afte that what happens will i billed????? As it has no bank details? Many thanks

I accidentally pressed 7/ days trial for free what will happen after the 7 days end. I didn't put any credit card details so what will happen after I'm done with my 7/ days trial

I'm trying the 7 day free trial but I'm afraid that I will get charged after it ends I can't remember if I have any payment details set up. What will happen after the 7 day trial? Will it to back to my free subscription? How do I check if any payment details are set up?

It doesn't say for me to cancel my subscription anywhere? It says I have a premium trial? My friends just said premium and somehow manages to cancel it but I can't and I don't want IT too start charging me.

I went to your link but all i see is that my subscription will renew on the 20th and nothing else no cancel button or anything.

So after a 7 day free trial, do I have to put credit card details down if I want to continue,or does it automatically start to make you pay? 🙈

You can't cancel the 7 day one on iPhone

i am permium user now,if i want to keeppermium after seven days,how i do?

if i already downloaded,if i close the can listen offline am my playlist will be removed

you need to go online,click go premium,enter card to continue


Help me! I accidentally clicked the 7 days free trial. And I'm afraid. If the 7 days trial is done and I'll get bills or something

NO worries!!!!! my 7 day trail just end and now my account automatically turn back to a free account. Even if you downlaod spotify on your phone, you will not be charged. Cause I download it though my phone. 🙂 good luck


Wait payment details on what Spotify or iTunes

I just created a new account but I wasn't offered the seven day trial

do this work for non i phone and apple products too

I have done the same thing, I have not entered any account details but I am worried that it may just go straight to my phone bill and I really do not want this happening. Will this happen? If so how can I stop it from happening? PLease help!

let me know when you find out about the phone bill being charged that's y I closed my account out

If I haven't put any billing details in but I don't know weather it will charge me through my email thanks

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