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Will the app consider being on cellular data as "offline" when I try to play my offline songs?

Will the app consider being on cellular data as "offline" when I try to play my offline songs?

I have a few playlists synced to my phone so that they're available offline. However, my phone is rarely truly "offline" as I have LTE data. 


When I play those songs when I'm on LTE will the app play the copy of the song that's saved on my phone or will it try to stream it on my data connection?


It seems counter-intuitive that the app would try to stream a song that's saved on the phone but the fact that the app has an "offline mode" switch leads me to believe that it will always stream songs unless the phone really off the cellular network. 


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Hey there!


So using Spotify offline shouldn't and really doesn't require any data. The only explanation for why it would use data, is that whenever you open the Spotify app, it tries to connect online which uses very little data (but still some, nonetheless). But to be positively sure that you aren't using any data while listening to your offline playlist, try this:


- Enable 'offline' mode on the settings of your Spotify app.


This will ensure that your app isn't using any data, and that your music is streaming from your phone not data.


Hope this helps!


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I had hoped to avoid going into the app settings and enabling offline mode
every time, for example, I'm in my car and I just want to listen to music.

I know I can use offline mode to force the app to play the saved version of
the song but I'm curious to know if the app will always access the saved
song even if a cellular data connection is available.

Someday at some point I'm going to forget to put the app in offline mode
after a sync. I don't want that oversight to cause me to blow through my
not-unlimited data plan through my cell provider.

If whatever playlist you're in is offline it uses very minuscule amounts of data, just make sure "available offline" is enabled on it and that you don't play anything that isn't saved offline via that method. As someone else here said it attempts to connect on app launch but if it has the files available, it will not attempt to get them over your mobile data network.

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