Won't Play Next Song on Playlist. Instead, plays songs from Up Next

Won't Play Next Song on Playlist. Instead, plays songs from Up Next



I am trying to play songs from a playlist. Shuffle play works ok (shuffles songs from within the playlist). After fully playing one song though, it plays a song not from that specific playlist. Digging around, it seems to be playing songs from an UP NEXT playlist.



1. How do i stop this from happening?

2. How do i batch remove songs from the UP NEXT playlist? The one-by-one method it has now is NOT PRODUCTIVE if you have a lot of songs there. On this same note, how do i remove this UP NEXT playlist in the first place?


Thanks. Hoping for your quick response.


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Hi @jfrago, thanks for the detailed description below. This seems to be happening to a few people today, so I've shared your dilemma with the larger Rock Star crew via message board and lets see what they come back with.


Standby and we'll figure this out!


same .. couldn't describe it better. and it drives me crazy

are we the only 2 people in the world with this issue ?


This is happening to me too.  Driving me nuts.  Wonder if I should just cancel my subsription.




This same behavior is happening on my iPad. I want to shuffle within a playlist so I click the "shuffle play" button at the top of the playlist. It plays one song in the selected playlist and then begins shuffling within the "playing from my queue" list. I can get it to manually shuffle within the playlist if I keep clicking  the "shuffle play" before the song in the playlist finishes. If I let the song finish it always begins shuffling within the "playing from my queue".  This behavior just recently started so I suspect it's something I did by changing a setting or searching and playing other people's playlists etc., etc. So my question is how do get shuffle to work only within my personal  selected playlist? I guess another approach would be to clear the "playing from my queue" list and then load the queue with all the songs from my selected playlist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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