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I found a bug and I'd like to help spotify out by submitting it.
1: there is no obvious way to do in the app.
2: going to "help->solutions->tech support->report an error or bug-> iOS" on the desktop website does absolutely NOTHING. On the last step you click iOS and te web interface just sits there. I have tried in IE, Firefox on windows, Firefox on Mac, and safari on and iPad, iPhone, and Mac. All do the same thing.

Does spotify really not even want to know about their own bugs!? Sure seems like it.

I cannot even upload a picture of the error here. Not that I even want support from the community for spotify even. I just wanted to be nice and help them out by submitting a clear bug report, but alas they seem to not care at all as they make it impossible to do so.

Someone at spotify making decisions is an idiot. "Let's make it harder for us to improve our products and services". Brilliant.
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@paulied77 Relax man, I gave my feedback about reporting bugs in the iOS app recently..

What's your bug about, probably you can post it here and you can put the picture link on imgur or something?

If you think its a critical bug: I would advice you to contact a Spotify Advisor through the link below, and if you receive an automated reply, just reply back to that email (its for spam prevention purposes) and you should get a reply within max 1 to 2 business days.
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