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[Your Library] Bring back Artist page that Contains Saved Songs

[Your Library] Bring back Artist page that Contains Saved Songs






iPhone X

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iOS 13.5.1


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After the new mobile app UI update, I can no longer click the artist in "Your Library" to find all my saved songs from that artist. It will go the Search artist page which only have popular songs and all album/singles/ep. This means I can no longer only play the songs I liked from that artist. 


What's even worse is that Spotify marked this issue as "resolved" per a past thread that I'll link here.


I don't know how they resolved the issue for one part of the world and then somehow implemented the same issue here in the USA. I petition to have this feature added back immediately 


If Spotify refuses to fix this, I'll need to consider the switch to Apple Music. I've been a Spotify premium member since 2015 I might add...

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Yeah this issue is ridiculous and so frustrating. If they don’t revert it I’ll most likely switch to Apple Music despite how much I like Spotify prior to this change. And I’ve been a premium member since 2016. 

Extremely poor from Spotify. A huge change without any sort of notice Or explanation to its paid users. 

Apple gives a 3 month free trial and they offer this feature, because they understand what makes the service have ANY value at all. I’ve already switched and duplicated my library, but will give Spotify the 3 months to rectify. Although I shouldn’t because any company that would pull something like this does not care about customer experience, only shareholder value. F&$@ the 1%!!!

Agreed. Thanks for making a new thread. 

I’ve been a faithful Spotify user for several years now. I listen for several hours a day. I was nearly in tears when I had discovered that they had not only removed the alphabet quick scroll bar, but had completely eliminated my saved songs from the artist page. Like many users, I am baffled as to why they would do this. I like Spotify, but they have made too many dumb moves like this in the past and have been historically very slow to fix them. I’m going to begin the process of switching over to a different music service. As silly as it may sound, I depend on music too much to get me through the day to have to deal with nonsense like this every few months.

Seems like a good idea for people to give up Spotify for a platform that listens to its users

I am at a loss of words. It seems I have defending Spotify as being the superior streaming service for years but with each update it seems to get worse and worse but THIS is going to be the final straw for me. I would hate to have to give up all my music but if they don’t change this back I will just cancel. If I saved music to MY LIBRARY why would I go to MY LIBRARY to see EVERY single song from that artist if I only saved the songs I like in my library. 

This is annoying.


i m premium user since 2015.


first they took out the alphabetical scroll bar of the library, now this.


please, what’s the point of saving songs to our libraries, and when clicking into an artist in the library, be redirected to the artist page instead of see all the saved songs from that artists? 

I wonder what type of drugs Spotify product managers are using while working.


if this is not fixed soon I will be switching to amazon music. At least they seem to hear their clients. 

Hey all,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


We've created an Ongoing Issue which sounds similar to what you've experienced and it'd be great if you'd take a look at it by clicking here.


If you already tried following the steps in the Status Update, it’d be great if you’d add your vote (by clicking +VOTE) and subscribe to stay up-to-date with how this develops.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help with in the meantime!

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Please being this feature back. I can’t imagine not being able to save the actual songs that I like from each artist. A general playlist doesn’t solve this. It was a really misguided decision to eliminate this feature. 

You seem to be missing the point completely here: It is about ditching the horrible idea of having to like an artist in order to be able to list artists whose songs you saved or liked. For a start, it is a terrible idea that you can only list things you liked. Any entry into any playlist should be possible to list, even if the user just put it in the playlist for the kids, WITHOUT LIKING it. Why did spotify kill the "all songs" listing??? Why can't I even see how many songs I liked? Why couldn't spotify introduce the "like" as an ADDITIONAL feature WITHOUT killing of essential features countless users relied on? The amount of crosslinked suggestions and threads asking for help, or to just revert back to the more useable, more logical, less tedious options to browse through your library is getting more and more confusing. Declaring problems as solved and linking to newer threads by the moderators is making things only worse. You are not part of a solution, you are part of a problem, that seems to have become systematic with spotify.

I've had the same problem...

This subject is for voting - again - on the link below:


Vote for this! Let's bring the feature back...or at least try....again

Hello there,

As it is obvious that Spotify has ignored this issue and this thread I am recommending to everyone who has commented to please create a brand new thread describing the same issue we are all seeing as it would appear that it is the only way Spotify will respond or take notice. If you're not sure how to create a new thread since they hid it very well in the site you can follow these steps: 
- navigate to the Home page of the Spotify Community
- In the search bar, type anything just to get a results list, something like "Artist page doesn't work" will be fine.
- At the bottom of the results under the More Things You Can Do section select the Submit a Brand New Idea

Then please describe the same issue that we are all seeing and have been seeing for years now. I hope we can all work together to finally get this issue resolved. Cheers!

It is just... mind boggling. I guess they can't afford good engineers at $potify

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