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all local files suddenly won't play on iphone

all local files suddenly won't play on iphone

today all of my local files started showing up as gray on my iphone. i've turned the playlist offline then online from both the computer and the phone. still nothing. i'm loathe to reinstall because it took about two hours to reinstall my playlist last time i did this (about three days ago). does anyone have any other solutions?

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There is currently a bug with local files that the developers are looking into.


I use local files too, so everyone else feels the same pain.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon. 

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This has been happening with every new release. Don't know why it's so hard it get it right and not break anything after a update. PITA to have to resync all local files after every update. Don't see the reason to update if the update doesn't fix anything but instead breaks core functionality.

I have the same issue. It's really annoying. Every update they fix something and break something else.

In my case it does not happen with every local file, but most of them are unplayable. If I go to “Local files” at least half of them are greyed out. 


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Looking at the list again, it seems that all the files which contain symbols in the name of the song (parenthesis, commas, dashes, etc.) are not playable. Some of them though are playable even if they contain symbols. It's the only pattern I can notice.

Another issue with local files is none of the cover art gets copied over. Spotify could care less since they have over 10 million premium subscribers. It's not like every single one of them will cancel overnight for a feature or two not working.


Bottom line is, Spotify could care less. It's reached multi billion valuation and all it really cares about is increasing value, but I don't see how they are going to achieve that with third-rate programmers who can't code for s***.


replicated same case as entropid


local files by the same artist both appear and don't appear (when both are synced to mobile). the differentiator between those that show what entropid shows below is the same for me--when the track name/album name/artist have symbols or are in a different language (in my case, japanese), the track shows the exact same error message as peppermint56, even though the downloaded button shows green


agree with everyone else--sync offline is a huge differentiator between spotify and the competitors. please get this fixed ASAP

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