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big glitch spotify didn’t realize before the lyric update

big glitch spotify didn’t realize before the lyric update

Lyrics are removed out of view whenever a song is skipped or ends, terrible oversight in spotify. Horrible feature, having to have us scroll down, refind lyric view and reopen it (3 steps) after every song. video of the issue






(iPhone Xr, iOS 14.5)


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Hey there @user-removed, 


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


Would you mind letting us know if you've already tried performing a clean reinstall of the app? This is often an overlooked step, but it can be helpful to get rid of any corrupted files that might be causing issues. 


If this doesn't do the trick, could you give it a try using a different device to see if you can replicate it?


We'll keep an eye out for your reply. 

yes i have. i’ve tried it on my friends devices as well, it’s like this for everyone. just please try to tell spotify to keep the screen on lyric view even when songs end or are skipped, this is really annoying to deal with especially since youtube music, apple music, etc. don’t have anything broken like this and always polish new features before releasing them..

Hey @user-removed, 


Thanks for getting back to us. 


We'd like to suggest a few more troubleshooting steps in order to be able to investigate further and report this to the right folks if needed. 


If possible, could you give it a try with a different internet connection?


Also, let us know if this is happening with a specific song or all of them.


Keep us posted.

Yes, i’ve tried all of that it, it’s a problem for every song and even spotify support says they have the same issue when i told them a month ago. they said they’d report it to spotify and try to fix it but it’s still broken. why is something as small as broken lyric view not being fixed? it’s so easy, this is really bothersome and everyone else on reddit notices it too. i really want to stay with spotify, but having to scroll and go back to lyrics everytime a song ends? that’s.. so annoying. please please please tell spotify to keep us in full lyric view of we’re currently in it. and if we’re scrolled down to small lyric view that we will stay in small lyric view.

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for getting back to us 🙂


Could you share with us a video recording of what you're seeing?


We'll also need the exact Spotify version that is running on your phone. We'll look into this further.


Keep us in the loop! We'll be right here if you have any questions.


Ver Moderator
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it’s the absolute newest version of spotify available on the iphone app store. and i don’t know if you can see but on my initial comment there’s a link to reddit, that link has someone’s recorded video of the lyrics not working right.

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for keeping in touch.


We've checked backstage and can confirm that this is the expected behavior of the app. However, we do appreciate your feedback about it and we'll make sure to pas it on to the right folks.


Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions or need a hand with anything else, we're always a post away.


Take care 🙂

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thanks for looking into it. yeah everyone at the spotify reddit HATES this. they think it’s abysmal and that having to scroll down and reopen lyrics tor every single song is disastrous and overall embarassing for spotify as a company to mess up on such a simple feature like this. thanks for telling spotify to fix their messed up app and please try to get them to check important features before adding them into this app, because this is beyond botched. i guess that’s why lyrics are still in beta, right?

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for getting back to us.


We understand where you're coming from and will make sure all your report is taken into consideration when moving forward. We always aim to improve and you can be sure that your voice will be heard, however we can't set an exact timeframe if and when the lyrics feature will be changed. We constantly test new and improve existing features, so we recommend that you always keep the app up to date with the latest version.


Hope this shines a bit of light on the matter. We'll be here if you have any other questions.



Mihail Moderator
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apple music, youtube music and deezer have had this consistently even when lyrics were first announced and have never been so obtuse as to make lyrics only viewable for one song before completing removing them off your screen and you have to scroll and click until you get to them again for EVERY single song! i’m honestly sad for spotify as a company, seems like you guys didn’t look into the functioning in spotify at all... i don’t want to have to move to apple music or something, but at least i won’t have to wrestle with my music streaming app to see lyrics when i already told spotify to view lyrics..

please tell spotify that this needs to be fixed very soon, here’s a video of lyric view i found on reddit being terrible. this is NOT good design. this needs to be fixed, if i’m in lyric view the screen needs to STAY in lyric view

are you serious?? this still isn’t even fixed after 3 weeks!! i still can’t view lyrics for more than one song i’m done and going to apple music. this is honestly laughable

Hey folks,


We understand your frustration. The right teams at Spotify are working on this, however we don't have any official info when exactly it would be fixed.


As soon as we do, we'll let you know.



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it’s been 2 more weeks! please tell someone that it needs fixed soon. do you know how annoying it is to get lyrics for only one song and have to refind and reopen them every single song when you’re in the middle of reading lyrics?? fix it! it’s just a simple ui reset i worked on coding and engineering in high school this should take like 4 lines of code! tell spotify please

okay, so it’s been another two weeks, spotify is still the only service that doesnt let you view lyrics for more than one song. interesting…. you still don’t wanna try and think about fixing that? I mean it probably takes like one line of code to make it so when going to the next song it lets you still see lyrics if it was currently opened. I mean you realize spotify on pc already does this perfectly right? and every other music streaming service? If a fix this easy doesn’t come out soon I’m gonna be really surprised that spotify can’t get a simple ui glitch fixed… anyways, toodles!

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