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can no longer control music through steering wheel

can no longer control music through steering wheel

This has been going on for me for well over a year now, I can play Spotify through my usb cable when it’s plugged into my car but since over a year ago I am unable to use the steering wheel controls to skip a song and the song title no longer displays on the dashboard. I’ve uninstalled Spotify etc. I have to skip a song manually which is obviously not very safe. Any help would be most grateful. I have an iPhone 8.
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The skip buttons on my radio work right away with my Galaxy S10 after
connecting to Bluetooth. Sometimes the Spotify connection drops and lose
the artwork and playlist etc. Then I need to disconnect the Bluetooth
connection and reconnect and recheck the app box.

I use an android head unit in my car, in my case I only download the apk and install it, that easy, in ios I would not know how to do it

Happening to me too, at seat ibiza cupra 2014 facelift model with android headunit...Cant work the steerring wheel controls: change next/previous song, only working volume. Spotify must fix this, its unsafe to drive and switch songs from the screen. I dont want to use everytime bluetooth from phone to use the headunit. I want the headunit to have inside the songs, that's why i pay Spotify for, otherwise i will have to change to yt.

I was wondering what year and model mini you have?? I'm also not able to use the steering wheel buttons but what to make sure my mini isn't too old before I go through the hassle of changing the app version.

Hey there folks,


Thank you for your messages.


As @Peter mentioned in the beginning of the thread - we have an ongoing issue about this. You can leave a +Vote and your info in the comments as well as subscribe to the thread for any updates.


In the meantime we recommend that you keep your Spotify updated so that you always have the latest version of the app and hopefully we'll have this sorted soon.


If you have any questions we're always one reply away.



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This does not work still! It’s been YEARS!!

Yeah... I dm’d Spotify support on Twitter and after telling me to disconnect my phone, redownload the app, etc. they finally asked me what car I had then said to ask the manufacturer. 


At this point I’m switching to Apple Music because I’m not going to continue to pay for something that I can’t use safely in my car which is where I mainly use it. 

This answer is not a solution or something, Spotify is a big app and i think you could fix this thing faster than replying and saying no-sense things when people pay for this app to listen their music at all of their devices. You should have one programmer than could solve this without taking longer, i cant wait anymore for replies or bug fixes, if spotify keep not working well in my car, i am switching to apple music!

I’ve been speaking to someone on the live chat this morning, they say someone is looking into this although I explained it’s been years and they only need to look at this forum to see everyone dates! Maybe it would be helpful if more people went only the live chat and raised this issue too...

Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts and feedback.


We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall. We’re sorry that this means you’re not able to use Spotify like you wish to do at the moment.


Once again - thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help with anything else. We're always one reply away.


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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

I have a Toyota Rav 4 2020 and my steering wheel controls do not work when listening to Spotify. Also the knob on the screen can’t turn the volume up or down. Also on the screen near the odometer shows a microphone like it’s listening to me. I press the voice control and it turns off Spotify once I’m done pressing the talk button. It’s very unsafe to be messing with my phone sense none of my controls work. Lease help!

Hey @Pocketsizejack,


Thanks for keeping in touch and for all the info provided.


The right teams are aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix. Although we can't commit to a specific timeline for when it'll be fixed, we recommend keeping the app updated to ensure optimal performance.


If you have any questions or need a hand with anything else, we're just a post away.


Have a good one!

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

This has been happening for 5 years!

This has also been happening to my 2013 Ford KA it’s so frustrating because I can’t skip it with the wheel and have to do it manually which is so dangerous, it was working when I first switched to spotify so not sure why it’s automatically just stopped going to try uninstalling and a few other things I have seen and see if that works

2 years still nothing...i cant believe this, realy how hard is it to fix this thing!!!

I deleted waze bc it synced with my Spotify. I didn’t have that issue
again. When the 2 were synced it was listening to me all the time and the
sound quality was really bad. Hope that helps

I got this to work today by swiping down and choosing the "Transfer Files/Android Auto" USB option. I don't know why that fixed it or if the process is similar on an Apple device, but this is what worked for me 

Okay, a year later and still not working on my Android head unit. Is there gonna be a fix for this or should we just downgrade?

Guys dont wait spotify team to answer they are so useless,just downgrade to the following :

Downgrading Spotify helped. - bad - bad from this version! - good - good - good - good - good - good


i have the same issue. thought it was just cause my car is older (2013 nissan rogue) so it makes me feel less alone that it doesn’t work with other people. it’s such a hazard for me to pick up my phone to skip the song. i cant believe they still haven’t found out how to fix this. 

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