can't sync iPhone


Re: can't sync iPhone

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Very well ill forward the thread to a mod
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Re: can't sync iPhone


Hello! And welcome to the forums.


Read through this article and troubleshoot all these solutions: (Link!)


If you've tried these to no avail, reply back to this thread and I'll try to help you as best as I can. 


Cheers, -Grayson.


(Also, try not to be too hard on Michael. He's just trying to help!)

Remember here in the community we can't assist with most account-related issues. Submit a support form and awesome support agents will assist ASAP:

Re: can't sync iPhone

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I'll not to scream, but let me start with, are you kidding????


let me just start with a few, like the suggestion

Manually delete these folders:
~/Library/Application Support/Spotify


Ok. what files, where are they, how do I find these, you are kidding aren't you.. this really isn't part of the answer is it.



  1. Delete the Spotify application in the Applications folder.
  2. (optional) It might be best to restart you computer at this point.
  3. Reinstall Spotify using a new install file from the Spotify website.

New install from spotify, we are talking about an iPhone ap here



If these steps didn't work, please try another WiFi connection or change the settings on your firewall/router to make an exception for Spotify.


another connection? this is my home Wi-Fi, are you suggesting I don't use spotify at home? Or purchase a new account?


and finally

Open ports in your firewall

You can also allow the IP range and ports that Spotify is using in your firewall or router: Open the firewall for and open port 4070 for TCP as well as port 80 for TCP.


Serious, where is my firewall, what does it have to do with my iPhone ap???


and again, can someone tell me why premium users (WHO PAY, YES PAY MONTHLY FEES, THATS RIGHT CASHOLA, DOLLARS MONEY) not get some support service rather than going through streams of forums like a free user who (PAYS NOTHING, TAKES IT FOR FREE, DOEN'T REALLY SUPPORT THE SPOTIFY BOTTOM LINE).


And finally, did you even read what my issue was, it was syncing iPhone issues, not can't get online...

for God sakes I realize you are a Mod and probably not paid, or paid very low, but I am into this for several hours now, I can't call for help, can't email for help .. WTF is this???????????????



Re: can't sync iPhone

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You know In the middle there's a tab called iPhone, it'd probably be smarter than complaining to use that you can't troubleshoot issues for a Mac computer!
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Re: can't sync iPhone

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jonathang - First of all, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear that you're running into these problems, but our fellow users were just trying to help. They do deserve a little bit of courtesy. If you feel that the community isn't the place for you to get support, we always have our contact form where you can contact Spotify directly. 


Now, onto your account. I've taken a look at our database, and it seems that you have two accounts. One linked to your Facebook account, and one made with a username. Try logging out, and logging in with your Facebook details - Premium seems to be linked to this account. You should be playing songs before you know it. 

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Re: can't sync iPhone

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Hi David,

I am sorry but your "Contact us" link leads nowhere, at least not to a form where someone can contact you. I am already logged in and I don't want to log in through Facebook.

Here is the page to which the link takes me: 

Another issue: I live in Spain, but I don't want to be auto directed to the ES version. I'd rather choose, thanks. Albert

Re: can't sync iPhone

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Have you tried the alternative contact form

You should be able to change the language of any page on the Spotify website by selecting a different country in the bottom right corner of the page. 



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