clarification on spotify with ipod classic


clarification on spotify with ipod classic




Relatively new to Spotify - so hope this quick question is in the right place


I have playlists on my iphone4 - available in offline mode  as I am a premium member.


If I were to purchase a supported ipod classic can I transfer these songs on to the ipod classic?

I read you can do it for songs you "own" but the if I am correct the purchase option is not available and I dont want to do that anyway


So simple question - Can I transfer my offline playlists via spotify on to an ipod classic?


Thank you.



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Unfortunately not. This is because when Spotify syncs it's songs for offline use, it encrypts them in such a way so that only it can play them. This is to prevent piracy (i.e. people syncing songs then either copying them and cancelling their subscription, distributing them publicly etc.). An iPod classic does not support the App Store, so you can't download the Spotify app, meaning there's nothing to decode the music files. iTunes does not have the codecs required to play synced Spotify music (as per my last statement saying it syncs them so that only Spotify can play the files).


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