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does premium for family allow mobile use outside the house

does premium for family allow mobile use outside the house

 Does premium for family also work on mobile outside of the address?

5 Replies

Hi Will008!

Premium for Family can only be used for members who are all residing at same address.

You can see a complete FAQ here as well for any other questions regarding the plan. 


The above answer to my question doesnt answer the question. I am currently on premium this allows me to use my mobile outside of the house. Does premium for family work the same way for each family member that joins



I see, my apologies for misinterpreting! 

They should still be able to use premium for mobile as long as all their users have been verified to reside at same address. As far as I know the plan is not restricted to only streaming while at the home residence. 

Thank you for your advice Bethany. All the best Will

This is my concern about the Family plan. Members of the same residence can use the plan on mobile phones outside the residence, even when travelling?

How is the proof of address done?


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