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downloading music

downloading music

I already have a premium subscription and i want to hear my songs offline. I have selected several playlists and pushed download, but they all start "downloading" until 4%. I have been waiting for a couple of days, but i have only downloaded like 4 songs out of each list.  How can I download my whole catalogue to hear it offline?


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How many songs is 4 from each playlist? if you're syncing 1000s of playlists, then you've probably hit the 3,333 song limit.

What iOS and Spotify version are you using?

Have you tried reinstalling the Spotify app?

Are you trying to sync local files or songs from the Spotify catalogue?

What's your network/Wifi like?


There is a chance you are experiencing the bug outlined here. If you haven't already, make sure your iOS version is up to date.


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