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i can’t see the albums or songs of the artists.

i can’t see the albums or songs of the artists.







iPhone 5s

Operating System

iOS 12.2


My Question or Issue


the only songs that i can listen to are the ones in my library, and to listen to new ones i have to go to the search bar and download them from there. also, i can’t see any of the albums that i already downloaded.


17 Replies

Same here. All the sudden all albums and songs were lost and artist view shows only suffle play, some featured playlists, about and offers. First I got "an error occured, try again" and from that no artist albums nor songs available. Please fix this.

Latest Spotify version, latest iOS version, iphone 7, premium family subscription.

I'm having the same issue. I can only see the songs on my playlists, but can't see any songs from album or artists pages and I have a premium account. This is only occurring on my iPhone and not my laptop. Please fix this ASAP


Same here

The same Problems here. Iphone Xs Max

Germany . Pls Fix it

Same here on an iPad.

same here

Can only shuffle tracks by artists, no albums available , new iOS and app, refund in order? 

Same issue on IOS! Premium member for YEARS! And have never had an issue with being able to play music and seeing albums and songs on artist page! PLEASE FIX!!

Same here. I woke up this morning, and went straight to an artist page to listen to their new single, but none of their albums or singles were up, just featured playlists, their bio, and concerts and merch. Thought maybe it was a bug, but when I redone loaded the app I found the same problem. Thought the artist’s albums were the most essential part of their profile...? Sorry, just please fix this soon! 

Same here. Pls fix it. 

Same 😞 pls help

Same here, only shuffle play button

Same here. IPhone 8+, latest OS.

Solution I think. 

I just signed into my account through Google on the laptop.

Then hit the sign out everywhere button. Then i Logged back in with the app and problem was solved 

Really annoying.  Ruining my listening.  Thank god for iTunes!

I also can't see my home screen. They really have to fix this disgrace.IMG-20191030-WA0001.jpg




Sign out on all devices.  Then log back in.


Brill! Worked for me. Thanks very much 👍

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