i miss the old behind the lyrics for iOS


i miss the old behind the lyrics for iOS








iPod Touch

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iOS 12.


My Question or Issue

I miss the old Behind the Lyrics on the new Spotfiy app for iOS. These 2 posts below will explain all but TL;DR, it was prettier and it was snappier and I have been complaining to support for about 6 months about it. 






This has been infuriating for me and everyone else, it has triggered my OCD more times than the 2 years and 2 months that I have been using the app worry free. Switching to another provider simply isn`t an option for me as no other music provider can bring the satisfaction that was Behind the Lyrics and I haven`t seen any other music service that you can swipe the cover art to get to the next or previous track. I`m sick and tired and I would prefer not to do a 4th post about this, but if I have to, I will have to.


It has just been infuriating for me and the worst part is the response Spotify Support has given me. They have told me for the past 6 months that they are working on it without giving me any refunds or any credit for my premium account. I have cancelled and if Spotify do not address my original issues or give me any refunds, I will be going. But I just cannot think of any alternativesto suit me. Spotify and the old Behind the Lyrics has been a part of my life for over 2 years. It`s just not fair. 😞